Transmission: Everything is Dreaming

If you are new to transmissions I ask you to PLEASE read this link before taking in the actual offering.
I encourage you to take this 4 minute video in, whether you think you have seen it before or not.. It is a potent experience that illuminates the message of this transmission!! love, ariel


 Everything is Dreaming
 Through Ariel Spilsbury

What is it to Dream? What is it to be a Dreamer?
holographic rainbow snakes
alarm clocks set to 8:00
Philosopher’s Stone
key to the stars
alchemical precipitate
harmonic of 8
ourabourus of time
cosmic serpent rope

and we
crossing the infinite waters of nun
to garner Nothing..
laughable isn’t it?
Since everything is dreaming

Consciousness dreaming itself equally through all things
How anthropomorphic to think we are the only ones who dream!
everything is dreaming what is real
and for recognizing that,
the Dreamers Quatrain has been known to be handy:
All phenomenon is illusion.
Neither attracted nor repelled
Never making a sudden move.
My patterns will carry me through*

Snake in a too tight skin?
Sing the song of release
(Tone E)the old outgrown,
the new not yet born..
navigating alchemical Dissolution,
breaking apart, the storm

to prepare to make the journey to the “innermost heart”
Crossing the Great Waters
to recover the freedom of matter to change
moving on the dreamfield matrix
as easily as quantum pond skaters
Attention Intention
Attending Intending
transparent, clear, unobstructed light
with sizzling focus
“A god creates only by listening.”*
empty cat’s cradle players of creation worlds
amplifying, catalyzing, transmitting
that which is
being dreamed THROUGH us!
distilling frequency domains for our
transmutation into the fifth state of matter
(Toning E)Serpent rope midwifes for
the swollen bellied ready to be delivered
heading to Xibalba Bey.. the Road of Awe in the Milky Way
to be reborn

in crossing the waters,
the tide has turned
the fourth seal is broken..
on the perfect merlot in the
lightening struck oak cask
of the golden cauldron of the body
now filling with ecstatic breathing
resting in rigpa
since there is only One Dreamer
and everything is dreaming…*James Carse from Infinite Playership

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Through Ariel Spilsbury
I offer this freely, as it was offered from the Divine to me, so PLEASE “COPY IT RIGHT” with crediting.