Transmission: Unity Consciousness…Embodying Non-Dual Awareness

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Unity Consciousness…Embodying Non-Dual Awareness

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 Through Ariel Spilsbury
(Please journeyers, put on your crystal unity translation helmets before taking this transmission in. You think I am kidding. I’m not. Look down at your feet and you will see your crystal helmet. Put it on. It will
simplify and slow down your awareness so you can actually feel/experience directly what is being communicated through these simple words.)
Unity is BEING one with what is..
becoming intimate with water
Until all space between disappears
where there “is no water” and there is no “you”‘
only the union of Emptiness as Unity.

Be One with what is..
Pet a cat until the purring emanates from your hands
Be One with What is..
Feel/see the exquisite delight of leaves as they
Bask and revel in the enveloping emanations of your adoring gaze
Be One with What Is…
In rapt adoration of the moon, receive the shimmering silver-amrita-nectar
She offers to those who, through Emptiness, penetrate Her sensuously veiled mystery.
Be One with What Is..
For how else will we know what Unity actually is
Except to become it.
How can we pretend to participate in creating
Unity consciousness on Earth
Except to become Unity itself?
What is Unity actually?
Unweaving the appearance of separation
Through the simple act of again and again
Choosing conscious union,
No matter the appearance on the screen of life.
Directly experiencing the bungee cord of trust
While in free falling surrender..
Trust is freedom… trust, that with indelible certainty,
 knows that this human experience is only a
Divine hologram, a dream the Creator is dreaming…
 so what’s not to trust?
Anything that can be named is not Unity
So the paradox of form and words, Emptiness and Silence
“Fluidly” and “playfully” morphing within Unity to enjoy wearing
Different masks to the Mythic Ball of embodying Union
beyond concept..
Embodying Unity as a living reality..
Where we are actually One With What Is!

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Through Ariel Spilsbury
I offer this freely, as it was offered from the Divine to me,
so PLEASE “COPY IT RIGHT” with crediting.