Weaver Dreamer

Temple Keeper for the Weaver Dreamer

Kristin Kore Taylor

In my mid teens I began to lucid dream. In one dream in particular I was taken directly into my heart to bear witness to the immense and transformative healing power of unconditional love and compassion. In the same dream I was then given exquisite and detailed scrolls that contained templates of the various meridians, energetic fields, nervous and blood pathways of the human body. This dream continues to inspire and play an integral part in my life.

I literally followed my dreams to the paradisiacal island of Maui, Hawaii. In a series of synchronicities of mythic proportions I met Ariel Spilsbury and The Divine Cosmic Circus. Meeting this merry band of mischief makers and growth edge takers put my personal evolution into warp drive! I took in-depth years long apprenticeships with Ariel Spilsbury, founder of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart. Diving into wisdom traditions through a feminine lensing of consciousness and became an ordained instructor/ wisdom keeper of The 13 Moon Mystery School. I have co- facilitated dozens of workshops and personal initiations with Ariel.

Welcome Beloveds, Weavers and Dreamers,


Dreams inform my life, they have offered valuable direct experiences and seminal lessons that I gratefully assimilate into everyday life. Through dreamtime I understand more fully our interconnectedness, the incredible power held within facing our own shadows and inner fears, our innate ability to transmute pain and disease into transformative healing release, and our awesome power as creators in Love’s name.

In dreams we are able to seamlessly enter into timelessness, release our usual form and limitations, interface with and receive wisdom transmissions from beings -often Archetypal in nature from seeming other dimensions. The guidance that we receive can often swiftly assist our growth and evolution on many levels.

At this poignant time in timelessness we are weaving together a Dream circle so that we may share our Mythic – Transcendent dreams thus perceiving synchronicities and larger patterns in consciousness. In doing so we hope to offer the connective threads we find as “medicine for the people”. That we all waken more fully to the gift of our lives, and so are able to be of greater service in balance, harmony, grace and joy.

What Dream is connecting – guiding us now? What dreams would you share that serve to waken humanity to the reality that We Are All One, we are all interconnected on the thread of life? Can you bring through the dream that Love Is Your Primary Motivation for all action?

“We Are The Weavers, We Are the Woven Ones. We Are the Dreamers, We Are the Dream.”

Let us begin our journey and offering in the realm of The Great Mother whose inclusion, embrace and nurturance offers renewal and sanctuary for all beings, all life.

Archetypes she is associated with include: Shakti, Demeter, Gaia, Shekinah, Mari, Mer, Hathor, Mary, Tiamot, Corn Mother, Pachamama, Yemaya, Nut, Cybele, Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene, Priestess of the Starfire, Priestess of Anu, Priestess of Eleusis, Aeracura, Nu-Wa, Net, Neith, Akka, Lady of the Vine, Sige, Tellus, Kar, (similar male archetypes: Cronus, E.A., Enki/Oannes) and any being you associate the Great – Divine Mother with.

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