What is Resonance. What is coherence?

All 13 Moon Mystery School work is predicated on Empty Presence, resonance  and coherence. Let us explore what that is.

Resonance is the quality of sounding again due to similar vibrational structure and frequency, just  as one tuning fork will begin to vibrate when another one near it is struck, due to the phenomenon of resonance. In resonant harmonics, information is the vehicle of energy passing between two agents. As a sounding again, resonance is information. That is why feeling and sensing are so important. To sense the resonance of incoming information literally co-creates a resonant field. If you try to conceptualize experience before you have actually resonated with it, the field is often broken or lost.
Relax mental definitions. Simply open your heart to the frequency of information that is in all simplicity being offered as a gift of divine grace in an archetypal field. Remember, in archetypal work, the modulations of the consciousness doing the communicating are much more important than the content of what is being communicated.

 Simply stated, if it is the primary function of the priest/ess to be an empty, static free station through which the frequencies of divine resonance flow. Stillness is the magnet that draws the iron filings of more dispersed or chaotic, ego consciousness into a coherent pattern that will sustain a resonant field. Conversely stray thoughts, stray emotions, stray nervous movement, create an energetic static that disturbs the coherence and resonance of the field. Verbal responses from the position of ego mind create similar static in the resonance.  In a resonant field, it is as if truth speaks you, rather than you speaking truth. It is immediately discernible in a resonant field if ones primary focus is in the ego mind. More expanded resonances move slower, more deeply, more simply.  In a highly coherent resonant field, mental responses often sound brittle or clipped, whereas essence responses that flow from Empty Presence and the Womb of Silence, sound heart centered, clear, coherent and naturally have the ring of truth. That is, one can feel the vibration of truth that is being communicated through and beyond the words. The harmonic resonance of truth, that exists beyond words moves into the foreground and suddenly floods our awareness with direct knowing.

Coherence is the difference between the power of  a flash lite and a laser beam.  Coherent light is focused, clear, intentional use of energy.  Coherent consciousness is the key to communication between dimensions and across scales.  The open heart is the doorway to the higher coherence and ratio necessary to send energy up or down the harmonic series from the higher organizational dimensions to the DNA.  An open heart is the starting point for creating a coherent resonant field and offers a profound opening to coherent resonance.