Why is Ritual Important in Our Lives?

Ritual is important to mark change and catalyze energetics shifts so that we can realign to what’s important and meaningful in our lives and ground it in.

Ritual invites us to dive deeper within and reclaim our power and our worth. To find our voice and tap into our intuitive knowing and heart wisdom.

Ritual gives us an opportunity to consciously step out of the mundane world and honor the sacred. To commune with the greater web of life and find our unique place in it. And our power to create magic to affect the world beyond the physical.

Rituals help us heal and build community while celebrating and creating rites of passage to give our lives greater purpose. They give us a strength and empowerment to stand for what we believe and create change from the heart.
As the patriarchal systems of oppression are crumbling and being revealed, The Divine Feminine energy on the planet is returning. This time it’s rising in a powerful way that honors all of life, rebalances Mother Earth and uplifts consciousness.

Calling for each one of us to remember why we have come here and empowering us to step into our leadership and path of service authentically. We have all been encoded with unique gifts and purpose.

It is time to cultivate and awaken them to heal and guide others to create change in the world. Reclaiming our feminine power in right relationship in our offerings and sacred business creating circles of light.

Clearing the wounds that hold us back and make us play small so that we may inspire and lift the lamp for others.