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Photo by Bootzie.com.  Hat design by  [email protected] Mythic Portrait by Lucinda Rae

Like Zarathustra, I was born laughing! My archetypal origins and focus in this lifetime were obvious from the start. That is, the archetype of the Wise Woman has two strong vectors: deep heart-knowing and humor as a gift of awakening. That pretty much sums up my life, which has been devoted to the Great Awakening, (in myself and all humanity), to the  truth that the knowing of the heart makes it obvious that Love is the Only Reality worth paying attention to here! It has been mine to be a living archetypal embodiment of the truth that living a spiritual life is about being a joyous, playful, ecstatic expression of Divine Love. My gift of sound healing as a crystal singer, setting up a Divine Fool’s School to assist others in remembering how to play in a fun and divine way, being a scribe for the Divine Mother in the form of several books, all were innate expressions of this archetype.
My birthing the 13 Moon Mystery School and The Sanctuary of the Open Heart were expressions of my accessing the largest possible overview pattern, which the Wise Woman does naturally. My innate ability to actually see beings beyond ego/personality in their innate Essence led to the expression of my most powerful gift in this lifetime as a truth teller. This gift has taken shape in myself as the Wise Woman through often pointing out that truth by coming in the “back door” with humor and sharing my ability to playfully connect the holographic dots that may still be unseen by ego yet longed for by Essence. My innate seeing beyond the black and white of duality through the eyes of Unity Consciousness, gave me great compassion and clarity to assist others in their journeys. Overview pattern recognition showed itself as my passion for myth, Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and quantum physics.

Along the way of this unfoldment of deep listening to the Earth and Stars, I came to be a scribe for the Divine Mother, to assist in the paradigm shift we are now going through in the rebalancing of the Divine Feminine on Earth. The first took the form of The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars.  Then, when the star Maya’s were complete with my scribing that, I was called to scribe The Alchemy of Ecstasy: An Initiates Guide to the Goddess’ Mysteries which was then distilled into an oracular “Temple in a box” called The 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery and further distilled into the mini version called: The 13 Moon Oracle: Finding Guidance from Within. And finally our Mother Gaia moved a work through me called Gaia’s New DreamCoat: A Faerie Guide to Gaia’s Greening.
And along the way during these years where all this was written, Heather Reynolds and I founded the infra-structure of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart and the 13 Moon Mystery School to train and assist the remembrance of Priest/ess’ of their unique archetypal gifts and mythic offerings. They were trained as Priest/ess’ who know how to create and maintain a coherent ceremonial context and resonant field wherein profound and rapid transformation occurs naturally through directly interfacing with the potency of archetypal energies.

My present service primarily takes the form of shepherding from the Wise Woman Crone’s perspective, the unfolding of the Sanctuary as a whole and continuing to listen to scribe for our Full Moon Transmission, what comes through this Wise Woman lens from the Divine Mother. I continue to record free videos around various topics of spiritual interest to those on this path for the Living Library on the Sanctuary website. www.sanctuaryoftheopenheart.com  I also oversee the various Temple Keepers offerings for our moonly “newsletter”.  I also serve as a space holder for several free virtual calls each moon: Drink From Her Well, Post Transmission Reflections, Soul Salons, Facebook Live Fireside chats, and I support Dream Weavers Circle and On the Altar of Unity (our offering. Through Elana Auerbach for bringing awareness and change to racial equity, parity, justice each moon). I offer inspiring Instagram Consciousness oracles with images that you can tune into. I am soon to be offering something called The Order of the Blue Rose as an advanced curriculum in holographic, Divine Play! Along with the other Temple Keepers, we offer ceremonial, seasonal Turn of the Wheel community celebrations. (Though seasonal celebrations occur in virtually all cultures, my particular lineage background is Celtic so we use that tradition as the form for the Turns of the Wheel.) I continue to hold the vision of the actual building of Her Temple in physical form. The actuation of a Temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine being actually built, is my most cherished desire for soul completion in this lifetime.
If you wish to reach out to me to connect and vision, please contact me at [email protected]
If you want to find all the rich resources I have spoken about, go here: www.holographicgoddess.com

Some Resources specifically for the Wise Woman archetype:
I am a compulsive compiler of resources.. So here are a few on the Sanctuary website:
The Mythic Movie list of recommended spiritually inspiring films. (Can be downloaded from there.)

Some films expressly for the Wise Woman: (very few illuminating films from the Wise Woman perspective..any pick hits let me know!)
Harold and Maude
Auntie Mame
Harry and Tonto

Wise Woman Books:
Crazy Wisdom by Chogyam Trungpa ISBN 1-57062-894-7

The Secret Teachings of Plants in the Direct Perception of Nature by Stephen Harrod Buhner ISBN 159143035-6

Sacred Plant Medicine by Stephen Buhner

Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann ( a great resource on the physical properties of crystals.)

Herbal Magick by Paul Beyerl   ISBN: 0-919345-45-X

Women Who Run with Wolves Clarissa Pikoles Estes

A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider (sacred geometry)

The Emerald Tablet by Dennis Hauck  (a great primer on Alchemy)

Snowy Towers: Parsival and the Wet Black Branch of Language by Martin Shaw  (about myth)

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