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Welcome home, beloved! The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a sacred space for you to expand your consciousness. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a beautiful chalice to explore your life as it is rooted in the Sacred Feminine. Here you can find other sisters/brothers who are awake to their soul path and opportunities to support one another along the way. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is offering you the possibility of connection; to one another; to resources to deepen in the Mystery; to journey with you as you remember and expand in consciousness. You are invited to gather together in this sanctuary in a variety of ways, some ongoing and others responding to the energies of the world as we follow the Divine to living in Love.

Current Opportunities



Prayer Basket

For your heart expansion and to be held in community and Love for whatever is in your life at this moment, you are invited to offer a prayer of intention. When you do, trust that it is already done, and that there are real beings who are praying specifically in service to your prayer intention. When it has come to completion, you are invited to post on the Power of Prayer page, to witness the amazingly potent act of communal prayer.

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Dream Weaver’s Circle

This Dream Weaver’s circle focuses on dreams that are archetypal and mytho-poetic in nature. It is the intention of this offering to look for the larger patterns in the collective Dreamfield that are emerging through the lens of the conscious dreaming of the priest/esses in the circle.

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Turn of the Wheel Events

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart honors the Seasonal Turning of the Wheel, gathering together to celebrate in ceremony and community. The events are co-created with beloved sisters and brothers dedicated to living in natural rhythm with our Mother, holding these days as sacred and potent.

If you feel called to be a part of this co-creation, please send an email to [email protected] – subject line: I would like to serve for a Turn of the Wheel Gathering!

We typically gather in person in the Bay Area in Northern California, and, if you are in this area, please join us.

Weaving the tapestry of ceremony deepens the ways of the Sacred Feminine and community.


Her High Holy Days

“I Have, I Desire” Virtual Community Bulletin Board

We are here for each other. As a community united in Service and Love, we hope you will come to us first, if there’s something you need or something you have to share! Please use our community bulletin board to post your “I Have” offerings (e.g., special event, art for sale, etc.) and your “I Desire” needs (e.g., need place to stay in the Bay Area, need a photographer, energy worker, etc.) Please use discernment and intuition and ask what is in highest service to the community before posting.

Community Bulletin Board



The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a community dedicated to activating Her Love in the world. There are on-going opportunities to volunteer your unique gifts and offerings to the Sanctuary community and through the Sanctuary, to the world. Stay tuned and check-in regularly as this evolves with the needs of our community and world.


If you would like to be part of the Prayer Circle, praying for others, sign up below.

Prayer Circle

Join us to co-create magical Turn of the Wheel Celebrations. Click Below

Turn of the Wheel