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Sanctuary of the Open Heart Soul Salons
Soul Salon ~ Simultanei-Tea
Dear Ones..
From the dictionary: Two events are defined to be simultaneous if an observer measures them as occurring at the same time. They are not necessarily simultaneous to all observers—because simultaneity is not absolute. Time dilation is the phenomenon of time passing slower for an observer who is moving relative to another observer.
The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes. This concept has been explored scientifically and certainly in literature and movies, wherein when you have a large cross-roads, a difficult bifurcation choice point in life, one part of your soul takes one direction and plays that choice out and another splits off into a parallel reality to explore what happens if you made that choice in the other scenario. The movie “Mr. Nobody” and “Run Lola Run” are clear examples of that exploration. This scenario would certainly make great sense as a ‘teaching tool’ for “soul-school” about the nature of making choices in the spiritual curriculum of evolution.
Spiritually speaking, simultaneity alludes to all moments existing simultaneously in the Universe. This is a very difficult concept to rationally grasp because western science has programmed us to think that time is linear and sequential, however, holographically speaking, all times are present in this one now moment… How that can be so, is difficult to comprehend or grasp, but that isn’t our focus here. Holographically, somehow all moments do exist in this now moment.
So how do these two concepts of simultaneity and parallel universes relate to each other? Let’s watch this little video to look at that inquiry.
What do you make of this? Slippage between parallel realities? Have YOU ever had something inexplicable happen to you where there was time slippage or apparent reality shifts that were inexplicable in a rational-linear reality? We have all had those kind of experiences in dreams and some people have had them in “out of body” or near death experiences.. It is more rare in 3D reality but it does happen. What is YOUR direct experience of this phenomenon?
Another fascinating illumination about parallel realities comes from physicist Carl Pribram in his postulation that lucid dreams are actually visits to parallel universes. He holds them to be just smaller holograms within the larger and more inclusive cosmic hologram. He says that the ability to be lucid in dreams might better be called ‘parallel universe awareness’. Have you had any lucid dreams where you felt it was more real than your own daily life stream? Let’s share those.
If you want more depth on parallel universes, read on, From the magazine Innovation Science with Ethan Siegel. “For some of us, the idea of parallel Universes spark our wildest dreams. If there are other Universes where certain events had different outcomes — where just one crucial decision went a different way — perhaps there could be some way to access them. Perhaps particles, fields, or even people could be transported from one to the other, enabling us to live in a Universe that’s better, in some ways, than our own. These ideas have a foothold in theoretical physics as well, from the myriad of possible outcomes from quantum mechanics as well as ideas of the multiverse. But do they have anything to do with observable, measurable reality.
From the point of view of physics, parallel Universes are one of those intriguing ideas that’s imaginative, compelling, but very difficult to test. They first arose in the context of quantum physics, which is notorious for having unpredictable outcomes even if you know everything possible about how you set up your system. If you take a single electron and shoot it through a double slit, you can only know the probabilities of where it will land; you cannot predict exactly where it will show up.
One remarkable idea — known as the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics — postulates that all the outcomes that can possibly occur actually do happen, but only one outcome can happen in each Universe. So it takes an infinite number of parallel Universes to account for all the possibilities, but this interpretation is just as valid as any other. There are no experiments or observations that rule that possibility out. ”
“Dimensional levels or parallel realities are nothing but differing base-rate wavelengths. The only difference between this dimension and any other is the length of its basic waveform. Its just like a television or radio. When you turn the dial, you pick up a different wavelength. Then you get a different image on your TV screen or radio. It’s exactly the same for dimensional levels. If you were to change the wavelength of your consciousness, and in so doing change all your body patterns to a wavelength different from this universe, you would literally disappear out of this world and reappear in the one to which you were tuned.” (Drunvalo Melchizedek from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life)
Michael Talbot, author of the Holographic Universe further illuminates this idea. “There is no reality above and beyond that created by the mind and the holographic Universe in which we live. That hologram can potentially be sculpted in virtually limitless ways by the interfacing hologram of the human mind. We are so deeply convinced that our bodies are solid and objectively real, that it is difficult for us to entertain the idea that we, too, are no more than oscillating patterns of light in a hologram. But there is compelling evidence that this is so. A phenomenon often associated with saints is bi-location or the ability to be in two places at once. (in a parallel reality). Numerous witnesses have watched Sai Baba snap his fingers and vanish, instantly reappearing a hundred or more yards away or doubling himself and simultaneously appearing (bi-locating) in another city. Such incidents indicate that our bodies are not solid objects, but rather holographic projections that can and do blink off in one location and on in another with the same ease that an image might vanish and reappear on a video screen. Another incident that underscores the validity of this perception of reality is an Icelandic medium named Indridi Indridason. When in trance different parts of his body would completely dematerialize. As the astonished scientists watched, an arm or hand would fade out of existence only to rematerialize before he awakened from trance. The apparent solidity of the world is only a small part of what is available to our perception. Although most of us are indeed entrapped in our current description of the universe, a few individuals do have the ability to see beyond the world’s solidity.” Are you one of them?         
June 9th at Noon Pacific ~ Soul Salon: Uni-Tea (Non-duality)
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