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The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a nonprofit organization building a Temple of dazzling beauty dedicated to the wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine and home to the 13 Moon Living Mystery School.

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Virtual gatherings open to the public.

Nov 30
12:00 pm PST
Zoom Call
A non-linear, holographic experience providing unique responses to each inquiry, expanding...
Dec 01
12:00 pm PST
Zoom Call
Besides sending us those dreams which are transpersonal, archetypal and mythic in nature, ...
Dec 06
12:00 pm PST
Zoom Call
SPIRITUAL TEA PARTIES.. for us to connect and share hearts, Witness each other, offer and...
Dec 07
12:00 pm PST
Zoom Call
This zoom call offering is an opportunity to connect with each other around a-once-a- moon...

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