Vision of a Goddess Temple

There is an obvious need to create a dedicated temple to offer our gifts and be in service to the Divine One. If you resonate with the vision of creating the Sanctuary that will provide a sacred container in which to ride the waves of change joyfully together in community: a space to gather, share, celebrate, cooperate and commune.

The time to build it is now! The vision to create it is in place. The circle of deeply committed beings that will see to its fruition is gathering!

Meet the Temple Keepers

If you feel called in your Spirit to contribute time, resources or land to co-create this miracle, we heartfully welcome you to join us! Together, we can birth this vision into being a living reality!

We look forward to finding aligned architects, project managers, fundraisers, and donors of land or other resources to make the Temple vision a 3-D reality.  If you are excited to explore this possibility, please contact us directly here.

Art by Amorea Dreamseed

Are You Called to Help? Earmark a Donation for the Temple

Intention for Donation: To support the Building of Her Temple

Art by Amorea Dreamseed