Transmission: Ourobouros

Through Ariel Spilsbury

Snake eating its own tail,
celebrate finally coming full circle..
Priestess of the Moon
sitting in the center of the circle of the thirteen stones
You have journeyed the medicine wheel’s full circle,
now it is time to call forth in full power, the next octave,
of the undulating shakti spiral, startling sound spawned from the center of the circle
 the lightening fire in your belly,
to burn away any remaining illusions of unworthiness, anger, powerlessness
To offer this immense Shakti power to the world,
shed any skins that have become too excruciatingly small
to contain the vastness and magnificence of Lightening Woman,
Crystal Woman,
Lamia, Snake Priestess, Healer/Wise Woman
Rise up. Take up the staff of your power!
From the depths of the comforting dark womb of the Mother
Risk being seen in the fullness of your light!
For as you stand without compromise, unwavering in your truth,
it is She who comes to wrap you in a soft blanket of night stars,
honoring and protecting you as one of Her own,
marking a lunar crescent on Her beloved Priestess of the Moon,
in remembrance
that others may witness and remember themselves
as dancers in the sacred hoop of life.
Gentle Corn Maiden,
Fecund Madonna,
 Nourisher of Spirit,
you catalyze others to walk the pollen path of joy
 through the precious gift of presence in your sweet eyes and outstretched hands.
It is time to offer your medicine bundle to the People
shell, bone, wing,
letting the power of aquamarine, citrine, garnet, through you sing
Earth Keeper,
Dancer of the Earth’s Belly,
draw down the moon
into the hearts of the People,
longing for reconnection with the simple cycles of nature
Divine Mother’s tides, tuning, timing
to once again re-sacralize and make holy our lives
as an hallowed offering, a give-away of gratitude
to the Source
of the Sacred Spiral that leads us ever homeward.